The 25 List Update: September

I can’t believe this year has gone by so quickly! To read the rest of my 25 list from the start, you can read it here.

3. I started running more and it hasn’t been the easiest, but I’ve got to start back somewhere. I need to figure out my new schedule now that my job has started, but I’m looking forward to getting back into a routine.

7. I’ve been praying lots and I’ve been using my morning routine to incorporate prayer more intentionally. I can see that it’s a better way to start my day.

10. I’ve read a couple of novels this month and I’ve done some research on other books I want to read. I’ve put more books on hold at the world’s worst library. Hopefully another one will come in soon or I might breakdown and buy a novel.

22. I’ve been working on memorizing more scripture. I’m picking short verses for now, but I think I’ll work on selecting a longer passage soon.

Mini goals for the month 

  • I need to figure out how to get more training on photoshop/indesign in California. I need to find an online class or something. I feel like more of these skills might be really important for my new job.
  • I need to run more and build up more stamina. I hope that I’ll get into  a better schedule this month.
  • Study more Spanish is on my list of things to do this month. My spanish book has been staring at me. My goal is to spend an hour a week studying, maybe when Taylor is studying I’ll find time to do the same.

The 25 List Update: August

You can read more about my goals to accomplish before I turn 25 here. 

I can’t believe it’s already August! I feel like I have so much more work to-do on this list before January! While, this month has been extremely crazy, I surprisingly managed to accomplish a few things toward these goals.

2. I took a bit of a (forced) Sabbath from social media (except Instagram) as we travelled across America/ didn’t have Internet in our new apartment. I felt so out of the loop but I think it was good for me.

7. I’ve prayed so much this month. I’ve been really focusing on my gratitude for every little thing I’ve been given and it’s really helped with my anxiety about not having a job yet.

8. I don’t know why, but both times I’ve been without a job for an extended period of time – this one and the one about 4 years ago after I got married – I take up baking. So far this month, I’ve made french baguettes and homemade naan. It’s delicious and luckily I’ve been working out more to make up for it (sort of).

10. We went to the library in Riverside to get our new cards. I picked up a new novel to read. I was a bit disappointed in the selection of novels as it was not nearly as good as the Tallahassee library. I might check out another branch. I did put holds on some new books I’ve been eyeing so hopefully my reading will continue too.

13. I’m back to decorating in our new abode. I’m mostly thinking of new ideas to tackle in this new home and I’m plotting my purchases for when I gain employment.


To-dos for the month:

  • Run more – So I’ve been working out more, but I haven’t been on a run in ages. I’m gonna get back to that soon.
  • Study more Spanish – I need to get back to this now that the dust from our move has settled
  • Study vocab with my phone app – I need to remember to read my word-of-the-day from my new app.
  • Memorize more scripture – I need to accomplish more of this. I’ve slacked off majorly. Focusing on this for the month too.

The 25 List Update: May

I can’t believe this is already my fourth update. This year is going by so fast and I’m sure it’s about to pick up steam.

You can read my other 25 list updates here!

Let’s start.

1. I actually started my Spanish studies seriously this month. I bought an old textbook and got to work. I realized in the process my Spanish is unfortunately much worse than I thought, but I am making process and a lot of the grammar and conjugations are coming back quickly. It’s a good thing I like studying foreign languages so much or this could be a drag.

3. I’ve been running more (and exercising more in general). Hooray! I still haven’t made real plans to run a 5k yet. I’m thinking those won’t get made until after the move.

5. I’ve stalled out on my goal to do 5 unexpectedly nice things. I think it’s because everything I can think of requires money and I’m in super-saver mode. I’m going to get more creative with this goal soon.

7. I’ve been praying a lot more and trying to focus different parts of the day to pray about different things. I think this strategy is helping me.

8. New recipes and new foods galore! I knew this would be the easiest goal!

10. I only finished one novel this month. It was a slow read and a bit of a strain to get through. I do have a trip planned to the library to pick up steam on this goal.

11. My anxiety about the future (and the move) comes in waves. I am doing a lot better than I was a month ago and I’m praying against it getting worse as we get closer to July. I am truly trying to trust in God for this one.

16. I’ve been trying to plan something nice for the co-workers of my small office. I’m thinking I’ll start with baking something nice.

22. I need a new strategy for memorizing scripture because I’m really having trouble getting it to stick.


  • Keep studying Spanish! 
  • Run more days each week. (My goal is 4 days)
  • Read more novels
  • Do something nice for my co-workers.

The 25 List Update: April

April is flying by! This is a few days late but it has been a crazy few days.

You can read the  lists and other updates here.

1. I haven’t studied any Spanish this month. Boo! But, i have found a new motivation to do so – maybe I’ll find some time, if I’m not spending all my time freaking out.

2. Have yet to do the social media sabbatical – but I’m feeling so overwhelmed that I’m thinking soon may be good.

3. I slacked on running majorly this month, but I have been running more this week and feeling better.

6. I haven’t done much fasting – but I am going to start soon. I really need to point myself toward Christ in the season ahead.

7. I have prayed with more focus and that’s positive. I feel like my whole life is an overwhelming prayer request now.

8. I tried so many delicious foods this  month too and lots of good drinks – mostly in San Francisco. Progress is being made and lots of opportunity on the horizon.

9. We went to San Francisco. We loved it! I relaxed (maybe my last relaxing week for a while) and we took in the sights. It’s a beautiful and fun city. Can’t wait to go back (maybe when Taylor doesn’t have a conference so we can see more).

10. I’ve been reading so much more fiction (at least up until this week when I can hardly focus on anything). A future post to come about all the books I’ve read!

11. “Curb anxiety about the future” This is actually making me laugh now. This is my newly appointed summer goal. Right now, all I have is anxiety that I don’t want.

13. Decorating is on hold until the move! (More on ‘The Move’ later when I have settled my brain) but for now our apartment is nicely decorated.

22. I have been memorizing more scripture and now I’m really focusing on passages that highlight trusting God and God’s provision and timing.

23. I’ve painted a few things this month. Projects like this are definitely on hold now.

24. I’ve worked more on apologies but I still think I have a long way to go.

25. Grad school for me is officially on the back burner.

Mini-Goals for the Month

  • Run more
  • Fast
  • Pray

The 25 List Update: March

I wrote a list of 25 things I want to accomplish before I’m 25 and now I’m on month two of my monthly update to keep myself honest.

You can read the original list here, here and here.

1. I have been majorly slacking on my Spanish. I need to develop a better system and plan for this goal.

3. I think I’m gonna try to run a 5k in April! Hope I don’t chicken out! I have been running a good bit more and feeling better, which was the real motivation.

6. Fasting is not something I was committed to this month. I need to work on this one.

7. I added praying to my morning commute and, although I sometimes drift into planning mode instead of prayer, I think for the most part this is helping me and it’s a good start.

8. I tried many new foods this month including: bone marrow, beef tartare and lamb fries. They were all super delicious! Looking forward to new adventures this month!

9. In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be in San Francisco! Can’t wait! Have you been? What is your favorite part of San Francisco?

10. I’m reading The Paris Wife by Paula McClain. So far, I’m really enjoying it and I really want to go to Paris! Any suggestions for my next novel?

13. I am on a serious decorating bender. It’s actually a bit out of control. However, I’m really starting to love the way out apartment is starting to look.

17. I’ve been confronted about my convictions about the Sabbath a few times this month! It was tough, but good for me. You can read some of my thought about the Sabbath too.

18. I went to the optometrist, but still no scheduled physical. Still failing at this basic adult skill.

22. I’m still slowly memorizing Romans 5, but I plan to move to Romans 6 in April.

23. I painted a canvas and I’ve got plans to paint an old piece of furniture this week! Wish me luck!

24. I’ve been apologizing more – which is good for me and my marriage.

Mini-Goals for April

  • Enjoy San Francisco!
  • Memorize the rest of Romans 5 and move on to 6.
  • Plan times to Study Spanish and GRE Vocab.
  • Run in a real 5k!
  • Actually fast lunch, not just tell myself I’m going to.

The 25 List Update

Last month, I created a list of things I plan to accomplish before I’m 25. You can read them: here, here and here.

This is my monthly update with how I’m doing with all of my goals.

1. I did study more Spanish and realized my Spanish is waaaay worse that I thought. ¡Que triste! I read a few short stories and studies some irregular verbs. Overall, it was a good start, but I’ve got a long way to go.

3. I ran so much more this month that probably every before. I think it’s because I’m so impressed with Taylor’s running. (He ran 9 miles last night!) I’m still not a lover of running and the week I wasn’t feeling so great was a set back, but I’m going to keep pushing along with the running thing.

10. I am finishing a non-fiction book on Mormonism and then I am diving deep into my quest to read more fiction. Have you read a good book lately? I’m taking suggestions.

11. I’m working on my fears related to the future. It’s a work in progress.

13. I did a bit of decorating and I’ve made some plans. Slowly, our apartment is looking more awesome.

17. I thought  a lot about the Sabbath. You can read some of that here. I’ve been way more comfortable talking about it with others too. Major win!

22. I’m memorizing the New City Catechism, but I’ve been failing on the scripture memorization. Boo! Fixing that with a challenge to absorb Romans 5 this month.

23. I did paint a small canvas and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more projects like this soon.

25. I’ve also thought about grad school and I’m no closer to making a decision about this. Pray for me. I did do a good bit of rambling about this though. It was good for my thought process.

Mini-Goals for the Month

  • Memorize Romans 5
  • Read One Fiction: Planning a trip to the library soon. 
  • Run at least one 5k distance each week (and keep up with my crazy Jillian Michael’s DVD because I need the variety)
  • Crack down on my Spanish studying. Buy an old amazon textbook online and get to work!
  • Fast: I didn’t really start this yet and I really want to. I’m thinking about easing into a lunch time a week.
  • Apologize more: I constantly see how I fail at this. I’ll probably always be working on this, but it’s good for me to have the reminder.

Do you have any goals for the month?

Side note: In the next month, I’ll be in Orlando (twice!) and Jacksonville once! Looking forward to these trips too!