In sickness and in health

I have been down for the count all week. I have had the summer cold that will not die all week. It’s been miserable. I’ve had to let my body rest when all I want to do is go and do. It’s been hard. Summer colds are the worst and this one has been pretty rough.

But, this is not a blog post is about me. This is a blog post about my amazing husband. He’s simply the best. He has taken care of my stiffly, wheezy, frustrated self all week. He’s made me tea and brought me medicine and asked me so many  times how he could help me. He didn’t even think about all of the things I couldn’t do for him – the meals I couldn’t make and the apartment I couldn’t clean. He took care of so much this week so I could rest and recuperate.

I am so blessed to have the such an amazing husband. Everyone should have someone like him in their life to take care of them on rough days.