The easiest place to live

Ruby Diamond

Tallahassee, how I’ve missed you. This has been the greatest trip. I’ll always hold this place so dearly. I know to most people in the world a mid-sized town in the panhandle of Florida sounds awful, but so often I find myself not wanting to be anywhere else.

Tallahassee is comfortable. More than anywhere else it feels like home. It changes and yet it feels the same. I’ve missed the beautiful green mossy trees, the people lightly peppered with southern drawls and the smell of our favorite pizza place. I miss the ease of being about to commute traffic free. I miss and will likely always miss this place. Tallahassee means so much to me. More than words could convey.

It’s times like these that I must remind myself, I’m not called to do easy things. I’m not called to be comfortable. I can see without a doubt why we need to be in California and how immensely blessed we’ve been in our move there. It has not be perfect, but Tallahassee was never perfect either and I can see that too. Both of them have been better than we could ever deserve and even though this garnet and gold dripped town will always be a treasured possession, I know that whether it’s California or other worlds unknown that something amazing is waiting ahead.