The Year I Became a Californian (Year Two in Review)

Wellllll. It appears I haven’t used this blog in forever. Maybe I should fix that. Regardless, I would be remiss if I missed my review on the second year of our West Coast adventure.

Last year in my review, I wrote of patience, thankfulness and security. As I re-read that post, I remember how hard the first year in a new place is. Not knowing anyone is exhausting and terrifying even for the most extroverted of people (of which I am not). It takes so much time to build the kind of relationships I want to have with people. I feel like I’m honestly just on the edge of getting there.

When I wrote last year, we had yet to go back to Orlando. Now, we’ve been twice and have tickets booked for our upcoming holiday trip. I’m immensely thankful that we’re able to resume the fun and hilarious times of hanging out with our families.

When I wrote this post last year, I hadn’t gotten my new job. I was enduring and it was a struggle. I’m glad I went through it and I’m glad it’s over now. Now, I’ve been at my new job for six months. It’s not perfect. (What job could be?) But, it’s good and I’ve met some great people. Always a win in my book.

When I wrote last year, I didn’t really like California. I still wanted to be in Tallahassee desperately. And even though I’m so excited to be there (See you in September!) California has finally grown on me. It snuck up on me. I think I only realized it recently, but I finally feel like we have a home again. What that means who knows, but I think it’s mostly a feeling.

Onward to more adventures on the best coast. (Sorry, east coasters! Come visit us!)


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