The 25 List Update: August

You can read more about my goals to accomplish before I turn 25 here. 

I can’t believe it’s already August! I feel like I have so much more work to-do on this list before January! While, this month has been extremely crazy, I surprisingly managed to accomplish a few things toward these goals.

2. I took a bit of a (forced) Sabbath from social media (except Instagram) as we travelled across America/ didn’t have Internet in our new apartment. I felt so out of the loop but I think it was good for me.

7. I’ve prayed so much this month. I’ve been really focusing on my gratitude for every little thing I’ve been given and it’s really helped with my anxiety about not having a job yet.

8. I don’t know why, but both times I’ve been without a job for an extended period of time – this one and the one about 4 years ago after I got married – I take up baking. So far this month, I’ve made french baguettes and homemade naan. It’s delicious and luckily I’ve been working out more to make up for it (sort of).

10. We went to the library in Riverside to get our new cards. I picked up a new novel to read. I was a bit disappointed in the selection of novels as it was not nearly as good as the Tallahassee library. I might check out another branch. I did put holds on some new books I’ve been eyeing so hopefully my reading will continue too.

13. I’m back to decorating in our new abode. I’m mostly thinking of new ideas to tackle in this new home and I’m plotting my purchases for when I gain employment.


To-dos for the month:

  • Run more – So I’ve been working out more, but I haven’t been on a run in ages. I’m gonna get back to that soon.
  • Study more Spanish – I need to get back to this now that the dust from our move has settled
  • Study vocab with my phone app – I need to remember to read my word-of-the-day from my new app.
  • Memorize more scripture – I need to accomplish more of this. I’ve slacked off majorly. Focusing on this for the month too.

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