Cultural Defeatism

I recently had a conversation about American culture with an acquaintance. It was an interesting  to listen to this person, with a different perspective that I, lament about the problems they see in American today.

As I listened, I couldn’t help but hear the overwhelming defeatist attitude. “That’s just the way our culture is going,” I heard over and over again. “Nothing we can do to change it.”

I refuse to have this mindset. I refuse to sit back and let the culture I love and the country I (mostly) love decay away. Now, I’m far from idealistic. (Some might even say I’m too pessimistic)  I think America can change. I I don’t think these changes will come overnight. I don’t think these changes will be easy. (Is any change easy)  If I’m honest, I might not even live to see these changes happen. The American culture may very well continue to decay on its path with no end in sight.

But, what I am optimistic about is that all things are being redeemed and will be redeemed in time. I might not see it now, but I can see glimpses of this truth everywhere and I have faith to know this is true.

I know I am not doing my part. I am not bold enough when I need to be. I can no longer sit idly by. I need to be effecting our culture in all of the ways I live my life. I need to think about what this looks like in my life and I need to pursue it voraciously.

I will not be defeated because Christ will not be defeated.

Love in the New Year

I’ve been thinking a lot about a theme for my year. I know it’s new year’s resolution time and sure I could say I plan to work out or eat better, but I want to really focus on something more than that (not that those aren’t great goals.) I know some families that have themes for their year and I think it’s a great way to intentionally focus on something you want to work on for the year.

After reading this blog post, I’ve decided my theme will be to pursue love. I want to understand love in a deeper way, to know God’s love more profoundly and to love more than I have before. I want to love those I know and those I don’t know, both at home and afar more. I want this to be a year shaped by the love I know and the love I want to share. I’m praying that this will be a year that I learn to love in new ways.

What do you want your year to be about?

Life Stages

In the last week or two Facebook blew up with life changes – pregnancies, homes purchased, babies born. Much congratulations to all of these friends.

Anytime these seasons come where I’m celebrating these sort of next step life changes, I get a bit melancholy. Some days I am so glad to have this season to support Taylor during his schooling, to explore and travel, to study and learn before my life is blessed with the busyness of babies. I love having this time to help those that are in that season already.

But some days, if I let my mind wander, I get carried away by my desire to be in that stage already.  I fight myself wandering the baby section of Target when I know it’s not good for my head – and a bit of a waste of time. I know there is a time for everything and one day, I’ll realize how much I needed this season to prepare me for the one to come, but not every day is easy. Sometimes I just get impatient, but I know that waiting for the right timing for the things that are to come and even being okay with things not working out how I imagined is what’s best for me in the end.


A life too small

I’ve realized over the last month that I’ve thought of my life to small. Maybe, I’ve always thought of my life as too small. I’m not a risk taker, which may lead to a world and life that is smaller than I should be dreaming.  Not only did I imagine my life in such a small view, I imagined God much smaller in the process.

I’m experiencing things in my new California life that I never dreamed I’d get to experience. As a kid growing up in Orlando, I remember dreaming of a day that I’d go to Disneyland, which now seems strange when you realize how much smaller it is than Disney World. But, last week when I was at Disneyland, I felt the sense that I never thought I’d be there and I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately.

I was sad when I realized we were leaving behind our life in Tallahassee, but now I realize I was sad that I was leaving my comfort and security. But God’s plans were so much better and bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’m learning to embrace the unknown and realize that even if I don’t know where the road is leading that the world on the other side may just be worth the sacrifice.


I think I’m finally to the point where I’m no longer holding on to the vestige of living in Florida. I’m ready to move. I’m so tired of packing and planning and ready to find my new normal in California. I’ve given up my sadness (mostly) and traded it in for excitement and curiosity. I’m trying to battle my anxiety with trust and hope. Most days, by the grace of God, it’s working.

I’m overwhelmed by the goodness of this week and the opportunity to have THREE interviews while I’m not even in California yet. I am praising God for his provision in all of this and trusting that it will work out.  I’m praying for more jobs to apply for and more interviews and of course the perfect job (for this season) to come quickly. (Pray for my job search!)

I’m sure my blog will be silent for the next week or so as I move across the country. But don’t worry, I’ll be taking pictures and trying to take it all in to report back!


On Traveling Across America: Part 1

In less than 3 week my husband and I will be traveling across America to our new life in California.

If you know me, you know that this does not excite me. Nothing about three days in a car seems excellent to me. I’m more of a fly there and get there already kind of girl. (Really aren’t we all? My impatience is showing a bit, I know.)

I am trying to be optimistic about these three days.

I’m excited for three days with my husband and so thankful that I don’t have to do this alone. I’m excited for all of the hours to spend talking, listening to music and sermons and praying for lots of stuff. It will be good solid time that I should feel blessed to receive.

I’m excited to see so much of America and see the landscape change. I hope this will be a great opportunity to marvel in the beautiful of the God’s creation and the variety of the landscape of America.

I will let you know how our trip goes and what I learn on the journey.

Things I am Excited About Our Move to Southern California

This new move is going to be an adventure for sure! These are my current thoughts about exciting things.


  • Living within a reasonable distance to so many cool places. Tallahassee is so far from anything else that it is pretty impossible to get someplace for just a day or a night. Riverside is near Los Angeles and San Diego and a reasonable driving distance to a lot of other cool places. This will provide us with so many opportunities to explore new places.
  • Being on the West Coast might actually give us a better opportunity to travel to places that would have been more difficult to get to before like Hawaii or Asia or Seattle or Vancouver. So many fun places to explore.
  • With so many different different cultures represented in the greater Los Angeles area, there is bound to be the most delicious food to try and with my goal of trying new foods for 2013 well on its way I can’t wait to see what we’ll find in California.
  • Disneyland. In the last five years, I think I became a true Cyr and a Disney junkie. Luckily, we’ll be conveniently located near a Disney I’ve never been to! New Disney! Dreams really do come true.
  • A new job! I’ll be looking for a job in California and while I am nervous about this (crazy nervous) and the financial implications of being without a job for an unknown amount of time, I am so excited to work some place new and to be some place with more industry and job postings.
  • I’m also excited about meeting new people – which is weird for me as an introvert. You never know who you’ll meet and I’m excited to meet some new friendly people.
  • The opportunities for Taylor’s studies. This move is a big step for his career (we hope). I’m excited to see what new conferences he presents at and how he grows as a philosopher in the next four or five years. I’m also hopeful that this move will lead to even greater things as we move toward to day of Taylor being done with his formal studies and actually starting his teaching career. Oh, happy day.