Before I started my new job, we celebrated at Disneyland – or as I like to call it Disney Lite. I was so looking forward to a whole day with Taylor – celebrating and enjoying all of the wonderful Disney magic and it was so much fun!

Disney, even alternate universe Disneyland, feels a bit like home. Even though everything is a bit different and the castle is so short it actually made Taylor laugh out loud, it is just a comfortable place that reminds me so much of home.

It also reminds me of all of the fun trips I’ve had to Disney World over the years – celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and the all important Cyr family holiday of the Epcot Food and Wine festival. It reminds me of family and of friends (especially you, Fernando) and it makes me miss them all the more. It makes me remember to be so thankful for the last few years and for all of the trips home our closer location allowed and a little sad that we won’t be home for a while. I’m thankful that our new West Coast location has a little bit of home so close though and that we have family members kind enough to send us tickets.

I can’t wait to bridge the two worlds and have a family trip to Disneyland!


Goodbye, Florida!

California party!


Last night, I attended my own going away party. Over the last six years, I have attended a number of these from co-workers moving on to greener pastures to friends graduating and moving out of town, but this is the first party that was all my own (okay, it was for Taylor too).

It was a wonderful evening full of dear friends, babies who were up past their bedtime and toddlers who scored one too many cookies. I will miss each of them dearly. I’ll miss watching these babies grow (and their mamas having more babies to love). I’ll miss wonderful conversations with women I admire and look up to.

I admire these families for staying were they’ve been planted. For glorifying God in the daily and mundane. I’ve heard over the last few months that it is so brave to uproot your life and move to a city where you don’t know anyone and this might be true, but I think it is equally brave to stay, plant roots and live through the mundane when it gets tough. It isn’t always as exciting as picking up and moving somewhere new but it is beautiful. To live in community and love your city – that’s brave.

And to the ones that might leave in the future, I hope you move near me!

On Traveling Across America: Part 1

In less than 3 week my husband and I will be traveling across America to our new life in California.

If you know me, you know that this does not excite me. Nothing about three days in a car seems excellent to me. I’m more of a fly there and get there already kind of girl. (Really aren’t we all? My impatience is showing a bit, I know.)

I am trying to be optimistic about these three days.

I’m excited for three days with my husband and so thankful that I don’t have to do this alone. I’m excited for all of the hours to spend talking, listening to music and sermons and praying for lots of stuff. It will be good solid time that I should feel blessed to receive.

I’m excited to see so much of America and see the landscape change. I hope this will be a great opportunity to marvel in the beautiful of the God’s creation and the variety of the landscape of America.

I will let you know how our trip goes and what I learn on the journey.

I’m Back!

Well, we’re back safely from San Francisco!

What a wonderful time! San Francisco is so fun and beautiful. I walked a lot, saw beautiful things and ate a lot. Overall, a great vacation. It wasn’t all vacation for Taylor though, who attended and presented at a conference. I was so proud of him and so glad I got to watch (even if it was a bit over my head).

One of the best and worst parts about this trip was its ability to get my hopes up about a future move away from Tallahassee. As you know, I’m really struggling with being okay with living here and this trip really got me excited about potentially moving. Ek!

I had lots of time to myself while Taylor was busy at his conference, which was great too. I relaxed, shopped, went to a museum, had my amazing birthday present massage. I realized that I need to deeply treasure that time too because I know that one day even my vacations will be full of other people and those will be great days too, but this was just a great time to enjoy fun times exploring a new city by myself.

I’ll leave you with a couple pictures from our trip.

Golden Gate On a streetcar