25 – Part Two

Yesterday, I started a list of things I’d like to accomplish before I’m 25. This is the continuation!

10.Read more fiction -I used to read a lot. I got busy and distracted, I want to change that. To that end, I recently read Silver Linings Playbook. I want to read more. Any suggestions?

11.Curb my anxiety about the future -The future freaks me out. I think about it a lot. I want to live more in the moment and not be as riddled with anxiety. I’m going to break that this year.

12.Use my extra free time to help and encourage moms I know -I don’t have kids, so thus I have way more free time than I will any other time in my life. I need to use this to be productive and encouraging. I feel like I’ve been doing a little bit more of this, but I could always be doing more. Are you a mom I know and need help? Just say the word.

13.Decorate my apartment with purpose -I am done waiting to have a “real home” to decorate. I love my little apartment. It’s the most wonderfully relaxing place. Some of it is a bit neglected, I’m going to tackle that with some pride this year.

14.Spend less time on the computer in the evening -Taylor and I are both home most nights now. This has not always been the case, I need to prioritize this time more. It’s gonna be good for our marriage.

15. Go to a yoga class – I recently picked up a yoga dvd. I’m enjoying it a lot, I’d like to actually make it to a class one day.

16. Care more about my co-workers – I work in a small office. I want to be more intentional to love my co-workers well and less judgmental. Pray for me.

17. Really understand my convictions about the Sabbath and be more comfortable talking about them – A couple years ago, Taylor and I studied the Sabbath and what we thought we were called to do because of it. We don’t work. We don’t do homework. We don’t shop or go out to eat. This is what feels right for us. I get stage fright talking about it. I need to change this.

18.Be better about scheduling regular doctors visits -I’m an adult! Time to start acting more like one…

Last set tomorrow!



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