The 25 List Update: March

I wrote a list of 25 things I want to accomplish before I’m 25 and now I’m on month two of my monthly update to keep myself honest.

You can read the original list here, here and here.

1. I have been majorly slacking on my Spanish. I need to develop a better system and plan for this goal.

3. I think I’m gonna try to run a 5k in April! Hope I don’t chicken out! I have been running a good bit more and feeling better, which was the real motivation.

6. Fasting is not something I was committed to this month. I need to work on this one.

7. I added praying to my morning commute and, although I sometimes drift into planning mode instead of prayer, I think for the most part this is helping me and it’s a good start.

8. I tried many new foods this month including: bone marrow, beef tartare and lamb fries. They were all super delicious! Looking forward to new adventures this month!

9. In less than 2 weeks, I’ll be in San Francisco! Can’t wait! Have you been? What is your favorite part of San Francisco?

10. I’m reading The Paris Wife by Paula McClain. So far, I’m really enjoying it and I really want to go to Paris! Any suggestions for my next novel?

13. I am on a serious decorating bender. It’s actually a bit out of control. However, I’m really starting to love the way out apartment is starting to look.

17. I’ve been confronted about my convictions about the Sabbath a few times this month! It was tough, but good for me. You can read some of my thought about the Sabbath too.

18. I went to the optometrist, but still no scheduled physical. Still failing at this basic adult skill.

22. I’m still slowly memorizing Romans 5, but I plan to move to Romans 6 in April.

23. I painted a canvas and I’ve got plans to paint an old piece of furniture this week! Wish me luck!

24. I’ve been apologizing more – which is good for me and my marriage.

Mini-Goals for April

  • Enjoy San Francisco!
  • Memorize the rest of Romans 5 and move on to 6.
  • Plan times to Study Spanish and GRE Vocab.
  • Run in a real 5k!
  • Actually fast lunch, not just tell myself I’m going to.

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