The 25 List Update: May

I can’t believe this is already my fourth update. This year is going by so fast and I’m sure it’s about to pick up steam.

You can read my other 25 list updates here!

Let’s start.

1. I actually started my Spanish studies seriously this month. I bought an old textbook and got to work. I realized in the process my Spanish is unfortunately much worse than I thought, but I am making process and a lot of the grammar and conjugations are coming back quickly. It’s a good thing I like studying foreign languages so much or this could be a drag.

3. I’ve been running more (and exercising more in general). Hooray! I still haven’t made real plans to run a 5k yet. I’m thinking those won’t get made until after the move.

5. I’ve stalled out on my goal to do 5 unexpectedly nice things. I think it’s because everything I can think of requires money and I’m in super-saver mode. I’m going to get more creative with this goal soon.

7. I’ve been praying a lot more and trying to focus different parts of the day to pray about different things. I think this strategy is helping me.

8. New recipes and new foods galore! I knew this would be the easiest goal!

10. I only finished one novel this month. It was a slow read and a bit of a strain to get through. I do have a trip planned to the library to pick up steam on this goal.

11. My anxiety about the future (and the move) comes in waves. I am doing a lot better than I was a month ago and I’m praying against it getting worse as we get closer to July. I am truly trying to trust in God for this one.

16. I’ve been trying to plan something nice for the co-workers of my small office. I’m thinking I’ll start with baking something nice.

22. I need a new strategy for memorizing scripture because I’m really having trouble getting it to stick.


  • Keep studying Spanish! 
  • Run more days each week. (My goal is 4 days)
  • Read more novels
  • Do something nice for my co-workers.

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