The 25 List Update

Last month, I created a list of things I plan to accomplish before I’m 25. You can read them: here, here and here.

This is my monthly update with how I’m doing with all of my goals.

1. I did study more Spanish and realized my Spanish is waaaay worse that I thought. ¡Que triste! I read a few short stories and studies some irregular verbs. Overall, it was a good start, but I’ve got a long way to go.

3. I ran so much more this month that probably every before. I think it’s because I’m so impressed with Taylor’s running. (He ran 9 miles last night!) I’m still not a lover of running and the week I wasn’t feeling so great was a set back, but I’m going to keep pushing along with the running thing.

10. I am finishing a non-fiction book on Mormonism and then I am diving deep into my quest to read more fiction. Have you read a good book lately? I’m taking suggestions.

11. I’m working on my fears related to the future. It’s a work in progress.

13. I did a bit of decorating and I’ve made some plans. Slowly, our apartment is looking more awesome.

17. I thought  a lot about the Sabbath. You can read some of that here. I’ve been way more comfortable talking about it with others too. Major win!

22. I’m memorizing the New City Catechism, but I’ve been failing on the scripture memorization. Boo! Fixing that with a challenge to absorb Romans 5 this month.

23. I did paint a small canvas and it was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more projects like this soon.

25. I’ve also thought about grad school and I’m no closer to making a decision about this. Pray for me. I did do a good bit of rambling about this though. It was good for my thought process.

Mini-Goals for the Month

  • Memorize Romans 5
  • Read One Fiction: Planning a trip to the library soon. 
  • Run at least one 5k distance each week (and keep up with my crazy Jillian Michael’s DVD because I need the variety)
  • Crack down on my Spanish studying. Buy an old amazon textbook online and get to work!
  • Fast: I didn’t really start this yet and I really want to. I’m thinking about easing into a lunch time a week.
  • Apologize more: I constantly see how I fail at this. I’ll probably always be working on this, but it’s good for me to have the reminder.

Do you have any goals for the month?

Side note: In the next month, I’ll be in Orlando (twice!) and Jacksonville once! Looking forward to these trips too!



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