25 – Part One

Yesterday, I turned 24. It was a grand day full of many wonderful well-wishes, friends, family, good food and cake. I truly felt loved by so many people. It was a great way to celebrate another year.

In honor of this year, I have decided to draft a list of 25 things I’d like to accomplish before I’m 25. Some of them are serious, some of them are just for fun. I plan to chronicle my accomplishments here.

*Note, this was not entirely my idea as I did read CJane is doing something similar, but I have been thinking of a list like this for a while, 25 seemed like a good time to start.

The List Part 1

  1. Remember my Spanish – I studied Spanish for a long time. I was pretty darn good at knowing what was going on. I haven’t taken a Spanish class in at least three years, needless to say, my Spanish is a bit rusty. I plan to correct this soon and have been brushing up on my verbs this week.
  2. Take a week long sabbatical from my personal social media accounts – I love social media. I manage social media at work. I know that I need boundaries. I know my world will be better after I do this. I’ll report on my findings from this week.
  3. Run a 5k – I hate running. I exercise pretty frequently, but running is just not my thing. I think it would be good for me (and my health) to give it another shot.
  4. Run a 10k -If I survive the 5k, I plan to tackle a 10k with Taylor.
  5. Do something nice and unexpected for five people – I want to be generous and giving. I want to help where I see a need. This is my goal. Maybe, I’ll leave a crazy tip or send a gift out of the blue or something else I haven’t thought of yet.
  6. Start fasting – After recently reading, A Hunger for God by John Piper, I have been convicted about my lack of desire for God and for his kingdom. I want to have a greater dependency on God and I plan to incorporate fasting (which I don’t do know) as a step in this direction.
  7. Pray with more intention – I want to be more committed to prayer. To praying more frequently and with more purpose and conviction that God is actually listening to me.
  8. Try many new foods and recipes -This is basically always my goal. I want to adventure into types of cuisine I’ve never tried and things I would have never dared to cook. Pictures to follow.
  9. Go to San Francisco – This is actually happening in March! I’ve wanted to go there forever and I’m so excited to make it a reality.

More tomorrow!



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