The 25 List Update: April

April is flying by! This is a few days late but it has been a crazy few days.

You can read the  lists and other updates here.

1. I haven’t studied any Spanish this month. Boo! But, i have found a new motivation to do so – maybe I’ll find some time, if I’m not spending all my time freaking out.

2. Have yet to do the social media sabbatical – but I’m feeling so overwhelmed that I’m thinking soon may be good.

3. I slacked on running majorly this month, but I have been running more this week and feeling better.

6. I haven’t done much fasting – but I am going to start soon. I really need to point myself toward Christ in the season ahead.

7. I have prayed with more focus and that’s positive. I feel like my whole life is an overwhelming prayer request now.

8. I tried so many delicious foods this  month too and lots of good drinks – mostly in San Francisco. Progress is being made and lots of opportunity on the horizon.

9. We went to San Francisco. We loved it! I relaxed (maybe my last relaxing week for a while) and we took in the sights. It’s a beautiful and fun city. Can’t wait to go back (maybe when Taylor doesn’t have a conference so we can see more).

10. I’ve been reading so much more fiction (at least up until this week when I can hardly focus on anything). A future post to come about all the books I’ve read!

11. “Curb anxiety about the future” This is actually making me laugh now. This is my newly appointed summer goal. Right now, all I have is anxiety that I don’t want.

13. Decorating is on hold until the move! (More on ‘The Move’ later when I have settled my brain) but for now our apartment is nicely decorated.

22. I have been memorizing more scripture and now I’m really focusing on passages that highlight trusting God and God’s provision and timing.

23. I’ve painted a few things this month. Projects like this are definitely on hold now.

24. I’ve worked more on apologies but I still think I have a long way to go.

25. Grad school for me is officially on the back burner.

Mini-Goals for the Month

  • Run more
  • Fast
  • Pray

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