My Take on the Rose Bowl


You would imagine that spending not an inconsequential amount of money to painfully watch your favorite team hand a game over to another, get out-coached, and whatever else ESPN is saying about this year’s Rose Bowl would have been a miserable time, but Taylor and I had a truly wonderful time despite the horribly embarrassing defeat.

As a pair of rogue Seminoles on the West Coast, it was so nice to see at least 30,000 fellow Seminoles in garnet and gold,  to do the chop, sing the fight song and yell at people to actually hold the ball. I didn’t fully realize how much I missed that. It felt like a piece of home came to visit us in California. It made me miss Tallahassee so much more.

I’ve never laughed so much and been so puzzled at the reactions of drunk adults in my whole life. As I sat around some of the most obnoxious people I’ve ever witnessed and heard some of the foulest things I’ve ever heard, things that should never be said about anyone, I was mostly impressed by the Seminoles around me. Barring a pack of ridiculously drunk frat guys who I believe had bet insane amounts of money, the Seminoles around me were nice and pleasant and didn’t instigate anything even when beers were dumped on them by intoxicated Ducks or when accusations were flying for hours about their personal character.

It was fun and painful and sad and I miss Tallahassee all the more for being there.

P.S. To the ridiculous Oregon fan behind me: The game was not reffed by the ACC, I do not have a rap sheet (really?!), and I am still always proud to be a Seminole and your personal, loud opinions of our players could never change that. Unconquered.


The Year of College Football

This year my husband became a different person. In our 4 1/2 years of marriage, my husband has cared very little about football. We went to a few college games – most of them early in our college years but after that we were too busy working to be loyal to a college football schedule. We have no real NFL alliance and past a Super Bowl party each year we haven’t paid much attention to that either.

This year all that change. I wouldn’t call it a bandwagon change as we have watched a few games each year, went to Florida State and have since then always supported and followed scores even if we did have to work during most games. This year our schedules have aligned so we could watch more games and the games have been so much better. We’ve always been proud to be Seminoles. We loved our college experience and we are proud alumni.

This year college football has taken ahold of my husband and most of the Seminole Nation. (I’ll admit, even I have been enthralled in the season.) It’s a great year to be a Seminole. It’s a great year to watch some great football from some other schools too. This is probably the first year I’ve watched games from any college team I wasn’t actually affiliated with. (Many of the games I’ve watched in addition to FSU games were Auburn games so I could follow along with my new church friends. This might have been a terrible idea now that I have to hate such a good team, but go Noles!)

The moral of the story is things change. Try something new. Watch lots of football with your husband (and like it). Be a proud member of the (Unconquered) Seminole Nation.

Also, loving Seminole football has made me miss all of my college friends so much. I’m thinking of you when we watch each game. Wishing we could cheer on the Seminoles in Tallahassee together again.