2014 (in review)

(I didn’t blog nearly as much as I want to in 2014. I’m going to work on posting more frequently. Here’s to a year on more decompressed thoughts.) 

Now, on to this post…

2014 was a wonderfully, beautiful challenging year. This was the first entire year we lived in California and it was fun and adventurous and complicated all at the same time.

I loved so much of this year. I loved watching Taylor love his work and grow as a philosopher and as a person that sleeps normal amounts. I loved exploring the West with Taylor. The wide open spaces and the new locales  made for fun vacation, weekends explorations and offer never ending amazement of the vast beauty of God’s creation (especially after this week’s snow!) I loved showing family around our new home and I look forward to even more visits (hint hint).

So much of this year was challenging. Work challenges and continues to bewilder me (but who can’t say this to some degree.) I’m still so immensely thankful to have a job to go to each day and I’m trying to work harder and faster in 2015.

I think the most challenging part of any move is meeting your people in a new city. Not just acquaintances but friends that are like your family. I miss this so much about my friends in Tallahassee, the friends that were my brothers and sisters,  that took care of us when we needed them and that we cared for so dearly could never be replaced, but building those kind of deep relationships hasn’t gone how I’d imagined it would. Nevertheless, I keep moving forward in prayer and hope that these beautifully messy relationships would form.

Through the challenges of 2014, I learned that I am so much stronger than I thought and I am strong because of Christ. I felt weak and afraid when we left Tallahassee and yet God carried me through the loneliness and depression and joblessness. He made a foreign place feel like home. He taught me that I am never alone and that there is no fear to be had in the plans he has for the future. (Now, if I could only remember this when anxiety comes!) He constantly showed me the rich blessings of marriage and in sharing all the good, bad and down right ugly moments of life’s changes with your best friend.

I’m hopeful for 2015 and for the beautiful changes and challenges it will bring. I’m looking forward to the new friendships that will form, the new adventures to be had and most of all a deeper understanding of the beauty of the gospel.


Let’s Be Adventurers

I wouldn’t say I’m a particularly adventurous person. Some things definitely scare me – skydiving, bungee jumping, driving in Los Angeles. You know, usual fears.

My childhood wasn’t particularly adventurous. I broke my arm and became so fearful of hurting myself again (and the subsequent $$$ signs behind such an injury) that I became a quintessential indoor kid. I read lots and sparingly did much more than ride a bike or swim in a backyard pool in the Orlando summer. I followed rules and not just the rules my parents set, but the rules I set in my own head. They trapped me. Made me feel safe and stifled my sense of exploration.

After leaving suburbia, I began to change and understand in a more removed sense the way I had stifled myself and the way my childhood had stifled adventure. The first glimpse I had of adventure – on a trip to Europe at 17, I was hooked. I craved more. More of the world and more from my life.

Today, I’m stilled hooked in different ways – experiencing new cultures, new foods, new places, new friends. The world is vast and vastly different. All of it created to be loved, cherished and experienced.

Some days (like today), I see that I need to push myself in new ways – challenge my perception of the world, do something I am afraid of doing, eat something crazy, be filled with passion for the world and adventure in new ways.

On to the next adventure…