Moving On

This has been a hard summer for me. I feel like I’ve wilted. I’ve let the world beat me down. I’ve let depression creep closer and fear and frustration weigh heavily.

No more. This is not the life I’ve been called to live. It’s not one of love or joy. I have not been given a spirit of fear. I don’t need to have this constant pit of anxiety about the future. My hope is secure. I am confident not in my own strength to get through the day, but in the strength of Christ to sustain me.

I still struggle. I face challenges that seem to break my spirit daily, but I have hope in a God that has not left me. He is with me in these plights and in Jesus I know He feels my pain. Yet, my struggles and challenges are soooo small compared to the daily challenges of many in the world. Instead of using my energy to fret about my life, I’m praying for others. Knowing that God is at work in all things and all things will be made new.



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