“I repent of living like I deserve anything”

Every single day I hear the same words from the same person at work.

Deserve. Owed. Entitled. 

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

So much of American culture is wrapped into the idea that we are owed the things we want. The American dream is what we were promised and we should get every bit of it. When we see injustice we want it corrected instantly.

Some of this is of great good. It creates people passionate about the rights of others. People fighting for the end of abuse, slavery, poverty. We see that others basic need are not meant and we want that injustice to end.

Some of this is of no good. These ideas can also lead to thinking we’re owed every pleasure. We’re owed more vacation time,  more money,  more freedom. You get the idea.

As an American I live one of the most privileged lives and yet I can be tempted to think I deserve more. I deserve better. How false. How easy these lies are to believe. I work hard to reject this notion both in my thought and my actions.

I know I am owed very little. Yet, I have been blessed with riches beyond compare. Yes, the work is hard and the days are long, but great mercy has been bestowed to me.


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