Tiny Apartment

Today, I  am thankful for my tiny apartment. It isn’t a McMansion (nor would I want it to be) or even a modest sized home. It’s a simple one bedroom apartment and while it’s smaller than my last apartment and more expensive to boot, it is a great home.

I’m thankful for its usual quietness. I’m thankful for the location and the amenities. I’m thankful for the ability to leverage every bit of space I have to help others and to be hospitable. I’m thankful for the opportunities I’ve already had to do this in the months I’ve lived here and I plan to orchestrate more opportunities in the coming months.

Sometimes, I can sense myself becoming jealous by those who have a whole home to themselves. I imagine all the good I could do with that space. However, I catch myself. Caught up in a lie that I need a larger space to do more. I do not. I need to be even bolder in leveraging what I’ve been given. I need to be even more thankful –  realizing that so many in the world have so much less. I need to attend to my tiny apartment with purpose – being grateful for it, seeking to use it and adorn it in ways that flow out of the beliefs that surround the rest of my life.




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