The Energy to Keep Going

These thoughts are all jumbled in my head. I never know what to say these days. Some times during the day I have a genius idea to blog about something or I see a Facebook rant about politics that I want to pick apart on my venting platform away from most scrutiny, but most days I just don’t have the energy.

My days are emotionally draining in ways I never knew possible. At the end of the day I don’t even usually have the strength to process much verbally and I’m more likely than not sobbing with tears of anger and frustration on my commute home. It’s tough.

Just because my days are long and tough doesn’t mean that I don’t like them. I find value in them in ways I don’t think I could have five years ago or even one year ago. So much has had to change within me to be able to see the good and to see the hope and love in all things. With every emotionally draining day, I find myself becoming stronger in my weakness. Knowing I have nothing to give and knowing I’ve been given everything.

It’s there that I find the energy to keep going.


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