I recently re-listened to this plenary speaker from The Gospel Coalition’s 2012 Women’s Conference. When I heard it at the conference in 2012, my mind was blown and every time I listen to it again I feel the same way. It’s just full of good truth my heart needs to be reminded about. (Listen to it now!)

I need to be reminded that I am a temple of the one true God. The Spirit of God isn’t always the first topic I think about. I’ve never been a part of a particularly charismatic Christianity and thus maybe miss out a little bit in talking about the Holy Spirit. Whenever I hear teaching about this truth/ read about it, I am flabbergasted. The God of all creation – not only became human for my sake to die a death that I deserved to die, but came even further in to dwell with me in my body. Do you find that in amazing?

I am provoked by these thought to think about so many of my thoughts, feelings and actions that do not reflect the templeness of my body. I am full of the Spirit. It is not I that live, but Christ in me. But, I am weak and my actions don’t always reflect this knowledge. But, I am once more convicted to live a life that flows from this knowledge of my templeness: in actions, words and deeds. In all things, Christ is to be gloried.

Side note: If you live near enough to get to Orlando this summer for the 2014 Women’s Conference, do it! It will likely change your life. I wish I was going with all my favorite Four Oaks women. 


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