Parking Nightmare, USA

Los Angeles is not my favorite place. Don’t get me wrong – it’s got lots of fun things and I’m sure to those that live there it’s great. It is simply not for me. It stresses me out in unimaginable ways. I actually start thinking about my deep need for anti-anxiety meds about 20 miles from the city.

Recently, on a trip to Los Angeles I was struck by the city’s anger. The anger of Los Angeles can be seen nearly everywhere, but is especially apparent on the faces of the people, on the freeways and on every street where parking is clearly an issue.

The situation of Los Angeles, namely too many people and too many cars, has created a deep sense of entitlement. Even though the lovely people of Los Angeles don’t say it, their irrational actions state the obvious: they deserve what they want. To get where they want. To treat people how they want and to act how they want. They are the most important person in the world. (Haven’t we all lived like this?)

It is cliché to say that chivalry is dead, but it is true. Chivalry is the least of the concerns in Los Angeles where gentleman don’t exist but are replaced with cursing, toddler acting adults. Surely your parents didn’t teach you to be so vile, to be unable to communicate or to act rationally? Maybe they did and that’s an even bigger problem.

Now, this is not to say this is the only city with terrible, angry people. Aren’t we all terrible, angry people? I know I am the worst of these. Los Angeles is a city like any other, a city full of sinners. Full of people in need of grace. A city in need of a Savior.

Now, I’m not saying that grace will take away your frustration in Parking Nightmare, USA but hopefully it will shape how you treat other people. That’s how I hope to live in the face of frustration where I live. I hope and pray that lives will be shaped by the gospel where I live and I hope the same for the angry, crazy drivers of Los Angeles.


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