Christmas in California

We had a simple Christmas. It was cozy and relaxing. It was a good day spent with my favorite person in the world. 

It was an odd day. As the first Christmas we haven’t spent with one of our families, it was different. It was quieter. It was a beautiful day, even if it was difficult for me to not think about how much I miss home and how much I wish we lived in closer. 

I think Christmas will always be just a little hard because at least for the next several years it doesn’t look like we’ll ever be home for Christmas day. It’s hard to think that we might not ever get to be home for Christmas. Even though Orlando hasn’t felt like home in ages, family is home and it’s still hard to live so far away lots of days.

Even though my weeks of crying every day are over – I still get homesick. I wish we could make a weekend visit. I long for visitors. I’m not even an extrovert and those weekends seriously tire me out, but oh, how I miss them. 

I know I am not owed anything – even good things like family-filled Christmas. I had such a blessed, simple Christmas and it was full of joy even if it is hard to strive through my longing for home. 


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