Christmas Cheer

My heart is so full of thankfulness this Christmas. This has been an amazing year of blessings, encouragement, support and provision in the most amazing way. I could never accurately express my gratitude and awe in the things that have happened this year.

This week as the Christmas gifts have been wrapped and mailed and arrived under my tree, I have felt so thankful. Thankful to have family that thinks about us and cares for us and misses us from afar. Thankful for a week of vacation in 2014 to be able to to use for an early Christmas in Orlando. Thankful for friends here both new and old. Thankful for my wonderful husband who makes not only ever day fun, but makes holiday traditions extra special. I love our holiday traditions.

I’m also so thankful for my job this Christmas. I know that this is the time of year I would have been stressed to the max if I didn’t have this job. I would have had to work so hard not to panic as our bank account dwindled. It has dwindled before and God has provided, but this year I am thankful for an early provision of a job – a full-time job at that. This is exactly the kind of job I would have looked for back home and probably would not have been nearly as successful. I am grateful for this extra blessing and all it has meant to Taylor and I this year.

I am most thankful for the freedom that comes with Christmas. Christmas is for freedom. A baby born to die, to conquer death that I might not be the subject of its lifelong slavery. Oh, this is great news and I am so ever thankful and so blessed.

Off to drink more eggnog!


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