The Green Coffee Giant

Friday, my husband put in his notice of resignation from his job at the big, green coffee giant. He’s worked there just shy of 7 years. It was a big day. It was an even bigger day since right after he quit, he got a new job at a local school.

But, the coffee giant has been so good to our family. We might make fun of it for being super corporate or for not having the kind of coffee we prefer these days (although it certainly does have some coffee we’d drink happily) but we have loved this company so much. It is truly a great company.

In the span of time my husband has worked for this company I have worked for 5 other companies. (I know!) Only one of these companies were nearly comparable to the behemoth size of the coffee giant, but none of these companies compared in their treatment of employees. The coffee giant is so good to their  employees. I can’t say that highly enough. That job has been the biggest blessing to our little family over the last 4 years and I don’t know what we would have done without them.

Sure, I’m looking forward to having a husband that doesn’t fall asleep at 8:45, but all I can express is gratitude to a great company who is beholden to stockholders but is still doing the right thing for its employees.

I will miss the perks but I am so excited to have a well rested husband who now gets the weekends mostly off. Here’s to new beginnings in 2014!


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