The terrible, no good, very bad day

Broken is how I feel today.

Today, just didn’t go my way. I started my day with a cup of coffee and a smile ready to take on the world after a great long weekend. I ended the day slumped in a bathroom stall trying to stop crying. It was the worst kind of day full of nasty attitudes and overwhelmingness abounded. I had reached my limit far to soon and all I wanted to do was run home crawl into bed praying this terrible, no good, very bad day would just drift away.

I feel broken because the world is broken. Because of miscommunication. Because of silly things like envy, jealousness, judgment and pride. It’s easy to see these things in other people. It’s painful to look inside and see them in yourself. In the face of the terrible day, I know that I am no better than those that are against me (even if it takes some reminding).

Tomorrow, I drink another cup of coffee and enter the day with a fresh smile and try to take on the world again knowing that each morning is new and that other people don’t control my actions or attitudes, I do.


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