Life right now

I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by life lately. Work has been busy and draining.  It’s probably the busiest and most overwhelming job I’ve ever had. It’s been hard to focus on life outside of work because it’s be so exhausting. I’m hoping it’s just a season and it will change, but right now there is no end in sight. It hard to stay encouraged in this. It’s hard to not live for the weekend.

I’m having to keep much more organized that is even normal for me. I’m afraid that stuff is going to slip through the cracks. I know that it has already so I know I need more structure. This is hard for me to admit.

I’m trying not to let the busyness and draining nature of life run my thoughts into a funk of sadness or discouragement. It’s been hard, but I’m fighting against it. Trying to find the joy in the busyness and reminding myself of how thankful I am for the work I’ve been given. I know this is good for me and that I will look back on this with gladness if I stay focused on my actions and attitudes and I don’t give in to the lazy idleness I crave in moments like it.


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