Living in today

Sometimes, I dream about the future. I think about where we might live and what our life will be like. I know it will be so different than I could possibly picture. I’ve learned that even just this year, but it still doesn’t stop me from dreaming. Occasionally, I realize I’ve been in this mode for too long and that it’s engulfing me. I realize how consumed I can become with this pretend world.

It makes me realize that I’m not present in my reality all the time. I’m not content with where I’ve been placed or what I’ve been given. I’m always looking forward to the next thing. In some sense, we probably are always doing this our whole life. As a teen, I looked forward to college or to getting married and now I look forward to having kids, but I know that while these things are good they are not where my focus should be now. I should be present in my marriage, with my friends and in my job. I should be happy in the blessings of this season and I should look forward to what’s to come, but not living in that make believe world. Even more, if my future doesn’t turn out like I imagine – if I have to sacrifice the things I think are to come – I need to be prepared to love every season and be thankful for them.

Today is good.


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