Where Have I Been?

I guess I took an unintended break from blogging. Work has been crazy and I’ve been too exhausted to have new words to formulate or really time to process or think about anything new.  But here’s some highlights (and lowlights) from the last two weeks.

  • I think I’ve been in it right now. I don’t know what I’m trying to process or work out, but I know that I’ve felt very melancholy. I think it might be everything with my parents/siblings, it’s been a rough month on that front for sure.
  • The best thing happened yesterday when we found out one of our bestest friend’s is moving a mere 95 miles away. (Okay, he’s really Taylor’s best friend but I like to pretend we’re buddies too) 😉 This is going to make California so much greater. Can’t wait for time hanging out in San Diego and for him to come visit us here. Gonna feel so much more like home.
  • I’m running/ working out more. It’s been great. I’m feeling stronger and better and healthier. All good things.
  • Work has been incredibly stressful and there have been some days and some situations that were incredibly hurtful, but I’m persevering in spite of the difficulty and I’m thankful for this job and for all it means for my family.

All in all, it’s been busy, stressful and yet there has been so much beauty and enjoyment that has come from working and from relationships and I can see more and more each day why this move to California was the best thing for us.

Taylor and I exclaiming our excitement for Fernando's arrival to California

Taylor and I exclaiming our excitement for Fernando’s arrival to California


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