One Car Family

Taylor and I were a two-car family for about 3 years. This was so easy. It let us get where we both needed to go in a city with a severe lack of public transit. It also allowed us to do great things like help other car-less friends out. When we found out we were moving to California, we knew we’d be getting rid of Taylor’s car. It probably wouldn’t have made the move across America and also I affectionately only referred to it in expletives so I wasn’t very attached to it.

Having only one car to move into a state is much cheaper, we’re saving on the insurance and gas. It did mean that we needed to look for an apartment close enough that Taylor could bike to work and school like he did when we were a one car family in Tallahassee. This has, for the most part, been pretty easy for us. We like walking to some of the local shops close to our apartment and Taylor even walks to work most days. Walking isn’t the norm in Southern California, land of the freeway, and seems kinda strange to some. Having one car isn’t the easiest and sometimes, it does require help from a friend – like when your car is in the shop, but that’s what community is all about, right?

Having one car is cheaper, but that isn’t our only motivation. We’re concerned for the environmental impact of the standard two-car (or more) family. If every adult gets a car, I can’t possibly imagine the state of roads, traffic or the environment in a few years. Most of the people I know, don’t live in areas with great public transportation and many of our new friends drive pretty far for their jobs so I know having one car, might not work out for them but for us, making use of one car seems like the way to go for now and we’re excited to be slightly helping our environmental impact. We know we could be doing more but this is our start. Praying for better public transportation options in the future!


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