Life Stages

In the last week or two Facebook blew up with life changes – pregnancies, homes purchased, babies born. Much congratulations to all of these friends.

Anytime these seasons come where I’m celebrating these sort of next step life changes, I get a bit melancholy. Some days I am so glad to have this season to support Taylor during his schooling, to explore and travel, to study and learn before my life is blessed with the busyness of babies. I love having this time to help those that are in that season already.

But some days, if I let my mind wander, I get carried away by my desire to be in that stage already.  I fight myself wandering the baby section of Target when I know it’s not good for my head – and a bit of a waste of time. I know there is a time for everything and one day, I’ll realize how much I needed this season to prepare me for the one to come, but not every day is easy. Sometimes I just get impatient, but I know that waiting for the right timing for the things that are to come and even being okay with things not working out how I imagined is what’s best for me in the end.



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