A life too small

I’ve realized over the last month that I’ve thought of my life to small. Maybe, I’ve always thought of my life as too small. I’m not a risk taker, which may lead to a world and life that is smaller than I should be dreaming.  Not only did I imagine my life in such a small view, I imagined God much smaller in the process.

I’m experiencing things in my new California life that I never dreamed I’d get to experience. As a kid growing up in Orlando, I remember dreaming of a day that I’d go to Disneyland, which now seems strange when you realize how much smaller it is than Disney World. But, last week when I was at Disneyland, I felt the sense that I never thought I’d be there and I’ve been feeling that way a lot lately.

I was sad when I realized we were leaving behind our life in Tallahassee, but now I realize I was sad that I was leaving my comfort and security. But God’s plans were so much better and bigger than I could have ever imagined. I’m learning to embrace the unknown and realize that even if I don’t know where the road is leading that the world on the other side may just be worth the sacrifice.


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