Before I started my new job, we celebrated at Disneyland – or as I like to call it Disney Lite. I was so looking forward to a whole day with Taylor – celebrating and enjoying all of the wonderful Disney magic and it was so much fun!

Disney, even alternate universe Disneyland, feels a bit like home. Even though everything is a bit different and the castle is so short it actually made Taylor laugh out loud, it is just a comfortable place that reminds me so much of home.

It also reminds me of all of the fun trips I’ve had to Disney World over the years – celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and the all important Cyr family holiday of the Epcot Food and Wine festival. It reminds me of family and of friends (especially you, Fernando) and it makes me miss them all the more. It makes me remember to be so thankful for the last few years and for all of the trips home our closer location allowed and a little sad that we won’t be home for a while. I’m thankful that our new West Coast location has a little bit of home so close though and that we have family members kind enough to send us tickets.

I can’t wait to bridge the two worlds and have a family trip to Disneyland!


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