One month in

We’ve lived in California an entire month! Crazy.

All in all, it’s been a great month. The first part was a bit rough – getting adjusted, moving/unpacking, dealing with homesickness and loneliness – but I’m definitely starting to get into the swing of things here.

I never thought that a month into our move we would have met so many fun and awesome people. I feel so fortunate to have made so many great friends that have so many of the same interests as we do. It’s been awesome to be welcomed with such hospitality. Who said hospitality was only for the South? (Granted, several of our new friends are Southern transplants too but still plenty of Californian hospitality has been had.)

The hardest part about this month has been the job search. It’s exhausting. I’m praying that it is coming to an end as I have a second interview on Thursday. Prayers are much appreciated. I would really love to land this job – it’s really a great opportunity and it would really allow me to settle in all the more with a more routine schedule and the normalcy of going to work. If it isn’t coming to an end and I do in fact have to keep searching, I’m going to need to find more peace and courage and joy in this season.

This month will start another new normal of Taylor being in school. It’s a little crazy that his classes haven’t started here yet. This schedule will definitely take some time to adjust to, but I know that Taylor is so ready to start. He loves school and I’m so excited for all the new things he’s going to learn (that will be vastly over my head).

Here’s to another month in (mostly) sunny Southern California!



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