In this season of change, I’m reminded that I need to be thankful and I’m constantly reminded of the ways I’m not thankful. It’s easy to see my greed and lust for more things when I don’t have a job and can’t explore my new home or purchase the things I’d normally purchase. I don’t want my new job to just be a way for me to obtain the things my heart lusts for  – although I am looking forward to exploring more and purchasing some basic things that are on hold until my new job appears.  I don’t want my joy to be based on what I can purchase. I want my heart to be broken of this constant desire for more and to be truly satisfied not based on what I have, but based on what I’ve already been given in Christ.

I am thankful for everything we’ve been given in this season. I’m thankful for a new apartment in a safer part of town that is an easy commute to Taylor’s job and school. I’m thankful for new friends. I am thankful for the interviews I’ve had and I am hopeful that something good will come of these soon.


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