A little crazy post

I feel like I need another blog post, but unfortunately there hasn’t been much to report. My life is mundane and I’m trying to stay faithful in the daily grind of applying for jobs, planning meals and cleaning. I know these are all important things and that I need to do them faithfully, without grumbling, but it is so easy to feel like the things I spend my entire day on are not amounting to anything. I know that this is not true, that I am glorify God in even the most mundane activities and even though I don’t yet have a job to go to, God had given me this season I should be counting it as a blessing.

I sometimes think that in some way this season of moving would have been easier if we had children. In most ways, I recognize that this is truly crazy, but hear me out. If we had kids, I would have all of their things to fill my life with – truly a job on its own. I’d also have to come up with things to do with said non-existant children – trips to parks or other kid-friendly venues. Maybe, I’d meet more people, maybe I’d get to know the city better. More people at the church we’re visiting would talk to me if I had children. Being childless in a church is a hard thing. You don’t meet the people who work in the nursery and its easy for no one to get to know you at all. Again, in most ways I realize that this is truly crazy – but in someways it makes complete sense to me. 

On a different note, I’ve recently decided that living where we live is like living in a location where you’ve asked to be taunted 24/7. You live just far enough away from a zillion cool things but not close enough to make any of them feasible on a whim. So much of what I’d love to explore is at least an hour away and right now that is simply out of the budget. I know eventually all the exploring will come, but right now – it’s taunting me.


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