The Hunt

I am already exhausted with my job hunt. I’ve been searching and applying for jobs for about a month and only a week of that has been in California.

Applying for jobs is an overwhelming process – especially when you had to leave your last job to move across the country with your husband.  It’s hard not to feel lazy when your husband is up making lattes at 4 a.m. but applying for jobs is easily a full-time job. It’s a tedious mess of applications, cover letters, follow ups, thank you’s and hopefully interviews.

The stress can seriously get to you if you start thinking about how much money you would have made back home or about how expensive everything is in your new sunny locale or about how much you want your husband to be fully focused on his studies.

When the stress starts getting to me, I have to take a step back and pray.  I pray prayers of thankfulness for all that we’ve been given – a nice, new apartment, Taylor’s job to provide for us in this transfer and most importantly everything I’ve been given in Christ. It’s not about how much I can buy on this Earth or how comfortable more money would make our living and this is what I need to be grounded my job search in.

I know that a job will come and I will be so thankful for it. I know that the timing is not mine to control, but I just have to be faithful to keep the process going. I’m learning to view everything I can buy – every gallon of milk and bag of rice – as a blessing and to be thankful for it. So I keep going and know that eventually all things work out.


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