The First Week

We’ve been in California almost a week! Taylor has already started working and I’ve been busy applying for more Jobs.

Our apartment is quickly coming together and starting to feel more homey. However, when I look outside it does not look like home at all. There are mountains and there are rarely any clouds. The weather truly deserves to be bottled and sent back to those suffering in the mugginess of Florida. The weather is truly closest to the two weeks of Spring that Tallahassee gets – but so far that’s yet to end. I’ve been told this is a rather cool August, but hey – I’ll take it!

We’ve hardly done any exploring – hopefully more of that will get done soon – but we did make a trip to the DMV (yuck!), to a church that reminds me so much of Four Oaks Midtown (except that it’s in an area of California where people keep and ride horses. We actually saw people on horse trails outside the church building. Not like Tallahassee at all.) , to my new favorite place, Trader Joe’s, and to a fancy shopping plaza for Taylor to visit an Apple Store.

It took me five days to make it through a day without crying. Homesickness is a real thing and it comes in waves. It’s starting to seem more normal now, but it’s not without its challenges. Right now, I’m looking forward to the day I land my next job and to meeting new people soon.


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