Moving Across America with Me

I finally have the Internet at home! Amazing. Now, back to the move story. 

I am not the person you want to be in a car with for three days. I am a terrible, nervous wreck. I do not like crappy roads in a large truck. I do not know how Taylor made it through those three days without stabbing me, but for this I am grateful. Most of what I learned on my trip across America is that my husband is the most amazing person I know. Granted, this move across America was inspired by his schooling, he handled everything – driving, my panic, hunger, being stuck in a car with me – with such grace. I’m glad I married him.

Another thing I am so glad about is that these days are behind us. Honestly, I can’t even think about doing that again. Even though, I know it is very likely that we’ll need to move again I can’t even think about it right now.

Even amidst my general hatred of car travel, I did manage to witness the beauty of God’s creation from the vastness of the open spaces in Texas to the extreme beauty of God’s creation in Albuquerque and pretty much most of New Mexico (my new favorite place) I saw God’s imagination and his continued love for beauty. This might have made the drive all worth it – I just don’t want to do it any time soon.

This guy is the best!

This guy is the best!

New Mexico is beautiful

New Mexico is beautiful


Arizona greets you warmly

Arizona greets you warmly



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