Saying Goodbye

I am in California, sitting at a Starbucks basking in the glory that is the Internet. I’ve got so much to say from the last week so I’ll start at the beginning and hopefully be back up to the present soon. 

Leaving Tallahassee was infinitely more difficult that I ever thought possible. With all the pejorative things I’ve said about Tallahassee and how much I talked about wanting to leave, I realized that anytime you leave your comfort zone, even if your comfort zone is Tallahassee.

The days leading up to the move where certainly the most difficult. Every day there was a goodbye and they progressively got more difficult. In the end, I was in such a serious state of depression that I could melt into tears at any moment. It was easily one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. It’s still hard now to even think about it as I sit in this Starbucks, watching Taylor work, knowing that he’s the only one I really know in this city.

I know that this is only temporary and that it is for the best. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done.



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