Goodbye, Florida!

California party!


Last night, I attended my own going away party. Over the last six years, I have attended a number of these from co-workers moving on to greener pastures to friends graduating and moving out of town, but this is the first party that was all my own (okay, it was for Taylor too).

It was a wonderful evening full of dear friends, babies who were up past their bedtime and toddlers who scored one too many cookies. I will miss each of them dearly. I’ll miss watching these babies grow (and their mamas having more babies to love). I’ll miss wonderful conversations with women I admire and look up to.

I admire these families for staying were they’ve been planted. For glorifying God in the daily and mundane. I’ve heard over the last few months that it is so brave to uproot your life and move to a city where you don’t know anyone and this might be true, but I think it is equally brave to stay, plant roots and live through the mundane when it gets tough. It isn’t always as exciting as picking up and moving somewhere new but it is beautiful. To live in community and love your city – that’s brave.

And to the ones that might leave in the future, I hope you move near me!


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