The Final Story Of Me: The Tallahassee Years

I’m finally concluding my Story of Me series, which if you haven’t been following along you can read here.

My last post was about our wedding, which I can hardly believe was over four years ago.

These last few years in Tallahassee were great. They included our newlywed year(s). (I really have no clue how long being a newlywed lasts, I think it varies.) Taylor and I both got our undergraduate degrees from FSU. Taylor managed a Starbucks for a season. I worked my first job out of college. I helped moms in our community with their precious babies. Taylor got his master’s degree. We spent lots of time in Orlando with our families. We made some of the best friends in the last four years – friends I hope we have for a long time to come.

Taylor and I grew together as a family in Tallahassee. We’ve loved our years here in our apartments, making them our homes and enjoying cozy evenings. We’ve decorated for and hosted holiday celebrations, celebrated anniversaries and so much more. Tallahassee and our years here will always be so dear to me.

We found our place in our church, we served as Sunday school teachers, enjoyed time with our small group and grew together as as a family living in light of the goodness of the gospel.

We traveled a good bit over the last four years too! We went on a cruise to Mexico and Key West,  visited family in Missouri, spent weekends falling in love with Atlanta and took our first trip to the west coast in March to San Francisco. (Not to mention the countless fun we’ve had in Orlando at Disney, with family, at delicious restaurants and so much more.)  I am looking forward even more to all the travel we’ll get to do in the next four years!

In some ways, I’m positive Tallahassee will always be a part of me. It’s where I’m leaving myself as a college student, as a new wife and as a young adult. I’ll always look back on it fondly.

And now, you’re up to date with the story of my life, but you can keep following the adventure as it continues in real time. Hooray!


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