Things I am Excited About Our Move to Southern California

This new move is going to be an adventure for sure! These are my current thoughts about exciting things.


  • Living within a reasonable distance to so many cool places. Tallahassee is so far from anything else that it is pretty impossible to get someplace for just a day or a night. Riverside is near Los Angeles and San Diego and a reasonable driving distance to a lot of other cool places. This will provide us with so many opportunities to explore new places.
  • Being on the West Coast might actually give us a better opportunity to travel to places that would have been more difficult to get to before like Hawaii or Asia or Seattle or Vancouver. So many fun places to explore.
  • With so many different different cultures represented in the greater Los Angeles area, there is bound to be the most delicious food to try and with my goal of trying new foods for 2013 well on its way I can’t wait to see what we’ll find in California.
  • Disneyland. In the last five years, I think I became a true Cyr and a Disney junkie. Luckily, we’ll be conveniently located near a Disney I’ve never been to! New Disney! Dreams really do come true.
  • A new job! I’ll be looking for a job in California and while I am nervous about this (crazy nervous) and the financial implications of being without a job for an unknown amount of time, I am so excited to work some place new and to be some place with more industry and job postings.
  • I’m also excited about meeting new people – which is weird for me as an introvert. You never know who you’ll meet and I’m excited to meet some new friendly people.
  • The opportunities for Taylor’s studies. This move is a big step for his career (we hope). I’m excited to see what new conferences he presents at and how he grows as a philosopher in the next four or five years. I’m also hopeful that this move will lead to even greater things as we move toward to day of Taylor being done with his formal studies and actually starting his teaching career. Oh, happy day.

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