Things I Will Miss About Tallahassee


I never thought I’d miss anything. I always knew that was wrong. I just never knew how conflicted I’d be to leave.

  • Being close to our family. The four hour drive allowed us so much opportunity to go to Orlando to a weekend and easier holiday traveling. It will be so sad to not be around as much.
  • All of our friends. We have great friends in Tallahassee. Some of them are moving too, but so many of them are staying and they will be greatly missed.
  • Our church. We love our church and the amazing amount of wisdom and grace it has poured out to us over the last (almost) six years. We know finding a new church in California will be such a challenge because the one we’re leaving behind is so great.
  • No traffic! I’m not even in Southern California yet and I am already paranoid about my new driving environment and potential commute to work. Pray for me! Those of you who know me may know that I hate driving more than anything in the world so Southern California is gonna be a BIG adjustment.
  • Momo’s. This place is amazing. I have eaten more slices of Momo’s than any human should. But, you should seriously eat a slice as big as your head in my honor.
  • Memory places – FSU, Maclay Gardens, Trinity Reformed Church – All of these places are so important to Taylor and I and so much of the beginnings of our relationship took place here. They are such sweet places and I’ll miss driving by them and thinking fondly of our time here.
  • Our cozy apartment – I love our apartment. It has been such a great space and a great fit for us. Even though I may have complained too much about the maintenance, it’s my favorite place to be.
  • Thomasville, Ga – I love this little slice of the south. We’ve had many a date in Thomasville and they are some of my most favorite times.

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