Overwhelmed & Overjoyed

Some days, like today, I am simply overwhelmed by my amazing husband. I think that means most days, I’m not thinking about the zillions of ways he blesses my life and how much I appreciate him. I should really work more to realize all the things he does every day.

Today, amidst miscommunication (completely my fault – due to an ambiguous text message), he surprised me at work with lunch because he thought I’d forgotten mine. He took his only break of the day to make sure I had lunch – even though I totally work in an environment where I could pick something up – but he knows that I’ve been too busy to get away for anything.

He is always humbly and graciously looking for opportunities to serve me. From an extra load of laundry to watching a TV show he isn’t as interested in, he is always using his time to love me and provide for me. The last two years, he’s worked so many hours at Starbucks to supplement our income, even though he would have rather spent those hours focused on grad school. He takes his job of taking care of me pretty seriously and it’s seriously awesome.

He’s basically the best and I’m so blessed he’s mine.



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