On Hospitality

While watching HGTV and staring mesmerized at the gorgeous homes, I always hear the homeowners exclaim, “our home is too small. We need more space so we can have friends or family over.”

This isn’t really true and is an affront on the hospitality you can and (probably) should offer. Space should not dictate hospitality. Granted, in my cozy apartment, I probably can’t host 50 people, but I can be hospitable and open my home graciously to others.

I like to do this by hosting friends and family in our guest room (while we still have one).  Even if we didn’t have a guest room, which we didn’t always have, I try to open our apartment to guests with a comfy couch and a good meal.

Hosting friends for home cooked meals or holiday celebrations is a great way to be generous and loving to those you know.

Every gesture within your means to love those you know is important, even if that means someone has to sit on the floor or sleep on a couch. This are truly small sacrifices and the rewards of community are even greater.


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