The 25 List Update: June

I can’t believe it’s already June! I must confess this summer and its busy, crazy nature is not allowing me to focus on some of these goals the way I had planned, but all things come in seasons so I am really hoping to get back to this in the late summer/ early fall after the dust settles.

1. I’ve studied a bit of Spanish, but my studies have slowed as the summer has gotten busy.

3. My running has taken a beating with all the planning! Oops. Really wanting to get back to it.

6. I have fasted a few times – which is a couple more than I did last year but this still isn’t where I want it to be.

10. Still reading lots of novels, but I have slowed down as I’ve gotten busier this summer.

11. I am feeling less anxiety about the future, which is surprising – I have my tougher moments but I’m praying for the grace and peace of God in this season.

My goals for this month are mostly not involving this list and I’m starting to think about the real possibilities that I might not finish this list the way I’ve planned, but that’s life. Plans change.


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