On being a young adult

Adulthood comes in all different sizes and shapes these days.

You could be 17 and living on your own – making it paycheck to paycheck.

You could be 22 finishing college and moving back in to your childhood bedroom. Looking for any job.

You could be 25 finishing law school/grad school and thinking about your dreams for the future.

You could be 27 and still in college, still supported by generous parents.

You could be married. single. divorced. dating. (and a zillion other configurations these days)

You could be living with your significant other. living with (too many) roommates. living alone.

You could be 24. Moving across the country for your husband’s career. Scared/excited/nervous/balancing every penny.

Okay, that one is a bit specific.

You’re still an adult. You’re just trying to make it. *It’s difficult, but you’re just doing the best you can.

*If you aren’t actually doing the best you can: Shape up. You’re never gonna be 17, 22, 29, 36… again.


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