The day when it’s not going your way

Yesterday was a day that I’d rather not live over again. It wasn’t even one of the worst days of my life, but it was bad enough that all I wanted to do was go to sleep and awake to see a new morning.

Yesterday was one of those days when work felt longer and more arduous and more pointless than it has in a long while. I couldn’t wait to rush out of there into the balmy sun to sit in my inferno of a car. I needed escape.

Yesterday I felt the pains of living in community, of feel hurt and forgotten by people who don’t mean to hurt or forget. Feeling overwhelmed by mere thought of packing up my apartment. Feeling saddened by so much that’s going on.   It was another layer and all of it ended me up on my couch in my pajamas much earlier than normal. Broken out in hives from the stress of the day, I needed to stop and breath. I needed to refresh and renew.

These are the types of days when I become happy that each morning truly is new.


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