May 8, 2009

This is from my story of me series.

Have you ever planned a wedding? If yes, then you know it is absolutely bananas. So many conflicting opinions, so many tough conversations about money and so many details.

I happen to looooove planning and details so wedding planning  itself was actually a joy. I would totally love to plan a friend’s wedding – I seriously think it’s so fun. Maybe that’s weird. The stressful aspects of joining two families…. yeah, I might pass on that joy again. It was stressful. My family was not overjoyed and it was so sad to come to grips with, but it was good because I had the wedding I wanted and I became more of an adult in the process.  It just wasn’t going to be a movie magically familial celebration that I had in my head and I came to realize that’s okay too because I was still getting married. I used to have serious panic attacks about spending time with my in-laws too and anyone who has ever had a panic attack knows that is not cool. Brides shouldn’t get panic attacks but I had a good few during the time we were married.

Oh, yeah and the part where my photographer cancelled the day before my wedding – not awesome.

Our actual wedding was pretty perfect and perfectly us, well, us at the time – which is actually pretty far away from who we are now, but that’s life. There was dancing to our favorite jams, smashing cake in each others face and lots of people watching us kiss. It truly was a beautiful day and it is so crazy to think that this was four years ago. It seems like it was yesterday and yet it seems like so much has happened. Life is so much better than it was four years ago. Taylor and I are better. Everything with Taylor’s family got better with lots of time.

After our wedding, we basically took the best vacation of all time. Off to Europe for a week to visit Budapest, Vienna and Berlin. What a ridiculously fun trip!



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  1. Marsha, I totally identify. My family was not overjoyed for me, either. In fact, I was estranged from one family member for 18 months because of my wedding. I really enjoyed your perspective, having 2 1/2 years on my husband and I. Thanks for saying it got better…you are right, things are getting better.

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