We live in a selfish culture that tells us we are all individuals, we are all unique and we all deserve exactly what we want when we want it.

We (including me) bow to our idol of selfishness everyday. In small ways, like lazily staying in bed when we have chores to do or hoping someone else will do the dishes you are too lazy to do (ouch) and in big ways when society tells us that money and careers and stuff are all more important than marriages, kids and building a home.

Our society tells us that we should not sacrifice any part of the dreams we have for ourselves for anyone else. We can have it all. But in our hearts, don’t we all know that we can’t? Something has to give.

Like for me right now, I can’t have the comfort of staying close to family or staying at home full time to have the kids we don’t have yet. I make sacrifices for my husband’s vision for our family. I pack. I move. I try to stop pinning baby things and stop my jealousy when another of my friends announces their pregnancy.

My sacrifices do not make me weak. They do not make me less of a women. I sacrifice such a small speck of my life compared to the sacrifices of Christ. Nevertheless, I put others before myself. I don’t do this perfectly. I am selfish everyday but I try day by day to present my life as a living sacrifice. I’m working on it one day at a time because it is truly worth it.


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